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Rob Laferriere & his
Woozle Effect

Woozle Effected Products, Russell, Manitoba, Canada


Who is Rob?

Rob is a one-man band experience!

Hi! I'm Rob Laferriere. Please allow me to entertain you! I’m a musician and music technician, playing and modifying guitars, harmonicas, and miscellaneous found-object stringed instruments.

What is the Woozle Effect?

The Woozle Effect is an act!

The Woozle Effect is the name of Rob’s one-man act, relying heavily on loop pedals, harmonicas, and music played on his home-made ammo-can/hockey-stick guitar! (among other things) He’s made a bunch of odd guitar-like creations, and the like to find their way into his set.


Rob Laferriere

On the road-hockey-stick guitar.

His show can go just about anywhere, physically and musically!

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